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In response to this comment, Wezi said “if we are a real definition of ugly to some people, then my mind is set for him because his heart is beautiful, which is more important to me.” She explained that originally, she did not want to put tags on her relationship but this is blowing out of proportion because she is an artiste and dating a fellow artiste.

“Just like someone’s beauty or body should not be the sole reason you want to be with that person, character is the most important and I believe you can’t know someone’s character without getting to know that person,” she said.

The radio show which was on a wide ranging issues and Iris’s top ten favourite songs saw the 25-year-old Iris reveal some intimate details about her life, family and future plans.

“I am not dating now, infact I have not dated for four years.

A lot of man and woman in Zambia have already found their lovers here, because there are thousands of ladies and gentleman who want to be in a relationship and check those ads everyday.

If you want to have successful relationship as well, then upload your photo and write a little about yourself.

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i am aged 21 year, in need of a mature woman, older than my age because I believe girls younger my age will only break my heart, she should be in the range of 25 to 45 years.

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