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The pilot needs to know where youre at, they need to know where the enemy is at, they need to know what direction to come in on.

Its not an exact science, and the JTAC has to have the experience to make damn sure that pilots nose is pointed in the right direction, or he wont let him drop that ordnance.

How does that differ from what a Force Recon JTAC is going to do? They dont have the luxury of spending that kind of time and energy and resources getting to that level of proficiency.

When we sit around and have a beer at night, we talk about fire-support coordination, we talk about dropping bombs.

Command: Shifting Sands Shifting Sands traces the history of many Arab-Israeli conflicts: from the sidelines of the Suez crisis, through the lightning Six-Day War, the guerilla-like War Of Attrition and the strategic surprise of the Yom Kippur War, all the way to the historic Osirak raid and the epic air battle over the Bekaa Valley Command: Chains of War Command: Chains of War is a stand-alone game that uses the latest version of the Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO) engine. Command: Northern Inferno Command: Northern Inferno is a stand-alone game that uses the latest version of the Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO) engine.

SEA POWER magazine and the Almanac of SEAPOWER (published in January) are the official publications of the Navy League of the United States (NLUS).

We need to be able to shoot as well or better than the grunts, and we need to be good at patrolling, Campbell said.

The goal is to have every detail committed to memory for instant recall by JTACs on the battlefield.The summer aquatic programs at Navy are designed for competitive swimmers with a minimum of one season of experience in the sport.At this time, we do not offer a learn to swim program.At night, when the planes dont have their lights on and youre using a set of [night vision goggles] and trying to talk the guy onto a target with an infrared pointer, were counting on that JTACs ability to look into the sky at an airplane moving pretty fast, in the dark, and ascertain the geometry of the battlefield.Its our job to paint that pilot a picture, Campbell added, to give him a feel for how intense the combat is, how close the enemy is in relation to the friendlies; make that pilot comfortable with the decision.

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