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What does validating a debt mean

You see, if the FDCPA clearly defined debt validation, then collection agencies would legally have to provide exactly what the FDCPA required.Because most of them can't provide anything even resembling a legitimate validation, their lobbyists work hard to ensure that they never have to. While the FDCPA doesn't define validation it does note that the collection agency must provide you with the name and contact information for the original creditor.Sincerely, John/Jane Doe You're demonstrating that you know your rights and you won't be easily bullied.You'd be surprised how many people manage to avoid lawsuits simply because the collection agency knows they are well informed and thus more likely to pose a threat to the company's bottom line in court.We've discussed in depth what a debt validation is and why its crucially important to fire one off the second you hear from a collection agency.In a previous post I mentioned that I would discuss what to do if a collection agency responds to your debt validation letter. Over the past 10 years or so, consumers have become much better informed about their rights against bill collectors.

Trust me when I tell you that slip up was intentional.

And more often than not, the blank credit card agreement the collection agency sends isn't even the same agreement that you signed.

Unless you have the original agreement handy, there's no sure way of knowing, but that would certainly be an interesting fact to bring up in court. I've seen it everywhere that a response from a collection agency isn't a "legitimate" validation unless it contains a copy of the contract the debtor signed with the original creditor (bearing the debtor's signature) and, in the case of credit cards, the signed credit card slip for every purchase made.

In response, I received a letter noting the amount that I allegedly owe and a blank credit card agreement.

Consumers have the right to request a validation of debt to ensure that the company collecting the debt has not made an error.

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The goal is to make you give up, tuck your tail between your legs and trudge to the bank to pay off the account. As a matter of fact, it isn't going to give you much of anything other than how much you owe – a fact any debt collector would have been more than happy to scream at you over the phone.

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